Ayyeki and Mr Dronn - Short Film

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Temporary stock photo for Ayyeki and Mr Dronn

Film Synopsis - Ayyeki and Mr. Dronn

An orphan girl Ayyeki, who works as a garbage collector, gets a cleaning job at a shooting range. There she runs into Jenni, a contestant of Quadrastrike, the most coveted gun competition, and Jenni’s gun coach Mr Dronn.

Project Goals

  1. Make a quality short film, about 20 minutes long, and have it screened at
    1. http://iffboston.org/
    2. http://atlantafilmfestival.com/
    3. http://www.usafilmfestival.com/
    4. http://beverlyhillsfilmfestival.com/
    5. and more …
  2. Carry the following scripts and pilots to these film festivals and get them funded.
    1. China, India, America (tv show)
    2. Buddha Buddhi Ab Kya Toh Amrika Ghoomeinge (film india)
    3. H1B Parents (film usa)
    4. Flirting With The Wrong Man (phonepop)

First 10 Seconds Screenplay


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