New Money Teacher

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Dear Future Self and ___________ ,

The below photo was taken on the first “official” day of New Money Teacher project, when I (finally) withdrew $100 cash from an ATM, added to it an extra $1 from my wallet, and bought $101 worth of bitcoin.

Taking cash out of an ATM to buy bitcoins -- New Money Teacher

At the time of conception, my purpose behind New Money Teacher project was to –

  1. Understand how all this “new money” that people were talking about worked.
  2. And to see if $101 could grow to $7000!

But .. things changed.

Because with great power, comes greater responsibility.

Because with right awareness, emerges the right purpose.

Ha! That’s deep. Sorry 😬

Gokul, a musician friend of mine, was the first person who got me interested in bitcoins.

He is the kind of guy who reallllly gets excited when he gets excited, and around this “new bitcoin stuff” his levels of excitement were higher than usual.

So as I hung out with him his energies rubbed off on me, and eventually I tried bitcoins too – by converting 70 US dollars to bitcoins and buying coffee coupons and uber rides with them.

But that was very brief and I drifted soon after and got busy with amatuer filmmaking, etc.

Much later, the curious computer science guy in me started asking questions.

How do bitcoins work? How can I create them? Why couldn’t someone hack them? And a million more. Every new answer led to ten new questions. Technological curiosities were soon joined by economic and political curiosities.

During this time the amatuer filmmaker guy in me wanted something to work on too.

So I created a simple and audacious goal for myself –

“To help a 1000 people to buy coffee using bitcoins, and make a documentary film about the questions and conversations that follow.”

That goal gave me a starting direction, it gave me a drive(!), and soon a body of work started taking shape. (Link to the youtube channel)

New Money Teacher Youtube Channel

A few weeks into doing this, folks at Wednesday Discussion Group invited me to give a talk about bitcoins.

A general introductory talk.

The way I prepared for this talk, combined with what I had learned during the attempts to make the documentary (of a 1000 people using bitcoins), gave New Money Teacher project a new purpose –

To reach out to special groups of people, who aren’t computer science nerds, and teach them via simple in-person games, the potential, and the challenges, and the risks, and the beauty





of this new kind of money that is taking shape.

This new purpose has a better direction that the one I started out with, and it motivates me more.

Groups of people that I plan to reach out to, as part of New Money Teacher are

  1. Artists: Because they work hard to create art while holding other jobs to earn sustainable income. Because I feel the best when I work with Musicians, Actors, Comic Book Creators, Filmmakers, Writers, etc.
  2. Women: Because the gender ratio of people actively participating in the New Money world (aka, cryptocurrency world, or TechFin world) is 99.5 men to 0.5 women. Because personally, I have seen women handle money better than men.
  3. Priests: Because they work with large groups of people who have less money. Because religious organizations need to innovate.
  4. Geeks: Because when more people learn how bitcoins and other innovations work, the probability of solving the new problems that will emerge, increases.
  5. Students: Because most of them are young and care about the future.

Next Steps

  1. Kick off educational group games with friends and people from the above list.
  2. Schedule time with work colleagues to do the same, and check how to approach Govs.
  3. Create the metrics deck to measure various things.

~ ~ ~