Master Of None S2E8

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CATHERINE MAMMA and AUNT JOYCE are preparing thanksgiving lunch in the kitchen. GRANDMA ERNSTINE is smoking cigarette in the living room. DENISE and DEV finish playing in the upstairs room and run down to the kitchen. CATHERINE MAMMA invites DEV to always have thanksgiving dinner with them. DENISE asks about about Indian Community.


CATHERINE MAMMA and AUNT JOYCE try explaining DENISE about what is black and brown people. She asks more questions. They end that conversation with silly jokes about disenfrenchisement and McDonald’s franchise. Then they sit together for lunch and start praying first.


Show music and titles.

Its 1995. CATHERINE MAMMA, AUNT JOYCE and GRANDMA ERNSTINE are preparing thanksgiving lunch in the kitchen. AUNT JOYCE and GRANDMA ERSNTINE fight about grandma’s smoking in the kitchen.


DENISE and DEV are watching brown sugar song in DENISE’s upstairs room. MAMMA CATHERINE comes up and laughs at them for watching such sexy girl songs at 12 years age. DENISE has special interest in it. Later MAMMA asks DENISE to dress in a beautiful dress. DENISE is not comfortable in it.


DENISE comes down to the dinner table in a very punk boy dress. MAMMA CATHERINE doesn’t like it and gets mad at her. AUNT JOYCE mediates between them and they all sit down. GRANDMA ERNSTINE prays for family, extended family, and keeps on praying really long.


Houses on a street. Cars parked in driveway. CUT Old wooden piano in the living room. House hold decorative things on top of it.


Radio plays in the background. CUT Jesus’s cross on the wall. CUT GRANMA smoking a cigarette on a leather couch. CUT A cooked turkey on gas stove. CATHERINE MAMMA picks up the turkey and starts walking.


AUNT JOYCE and CATHERINE MAMMA talk about DENNISE having a boyfriend. CATHERINE MAMMA places the turkey on dinner table. CUT Two kids DENNISE and DEV run down the stairs, to the kitchen.


GRANMA tells the kids to not run around in the house. CATHERINE MAMMA asks them what they have been up to. They say they were watching Fresh Prince, and not eating candy.


CATHERINE MAMMA asks DEV if they have thanksgiving in the Indian community. He tells they have some lunch.


DENISE asks what is Indian community?

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