Simple and Audacious

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In what format do I share my work background with you?

Should I list out my filmography here, with links to the few amateur films that I have made, and the many ambitious ones that I dream of often, but don’t work on, for fear of failure?

Do I tell you what software products I have built, companies and teams I have been a part of, and technologies I have learned over the years?

Or should I upload the pdf copy of my curriculum vitae?

Sorry yaar. I wouldn’t be able to do any of that.

I might at other online places, this diary though, is a more reflective, a more thinking aloud kind of place that I have.

So allow me to share a little background of my work background instead.

I was sitting down for my first public singing in Boston, because if I stood up people could see how bad I was trembling out of fear.

Almost Killed Myself

Mysteries of life are infinite and unfathomable. Not everything in your life will be full of joy. You will experience great loss and hurt in your journey.

I did.

Did you?

There came a time I wanted to end it all, the journey itself, and it wasn’t the first time, I remember I once thought about it as a kid, then much later in 2011, then again in 2012.

But this time, in 2014, the want to escape from life was stronger than anything I had ever experienced.

Stronger than first love.

Stronger than first political awakening.

It was as if there was a storm inside me. Not a good storm. I did not know how to contain it. I could not. I tried surrendering. I tried fighting. I tried hiding. Nothing worked. I was screaming inside. Those screams were not made of words or sounds. Something inside me was desperately trying to find a way to be calm again. The more it tried, the more the screaming grew, the more the storm grew. I just could not contain it. Sometimes I abrubtly started crying, and felt better afterwards. But the calm wouldn’t last long. The storms always came back.

Then after many months a mysterious voice whispered inside me. I don’t know where it came from.

It was very gentle and light.

“Just keep doing some simple and audacious things .. you will be fine”

There was something about that voice. Everything became calm again.

The storms inside me emptied.

It happened in a second, but it did not feel sudden.

I do not know how to describe that calm.

It felt as real as sleep.

And as reassuring and soothing as the Himalayas.

In that moment I knew, that I would not quit on life, not until I am 90, and I told myself that I would try to work for simple and audacious purposes.

The details of what my heart wanted to do took shape later.


Over many years.

List Of Work

Well Executed (1)


Incompleted (8)

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Experimental version done for now, will do it for real in future

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Finished shooting in Kenya, editing to be done next.

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Focus Now (2)

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  • Aam Aadmi plunge
  • Acquia software

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