Phonepop + Flirting with the wrong man

· 223 words · 2m read . written Jun 1, 2016 . re-written Jun 1, 2016

Brainstorming with Will about how phonepop could work.

Genesis of phonepop

City trains in Boston are called T. Yes, just the letter. T. So I was commuting to work in one of the red line T trains. That day, just like other days, everybody in my coach was looking into their phone screens. Or the occasional kindle. Lady commuters with different kinds of scarfs and coats. Men commuters in mostly similar jackets. People sitting. People standing. All of them were hunched over their smart devices.

As usual I was looking at people’s shoes, or bags, or attire, or accessories and conjuring up stories in my head. A kind of sad thought was probably there somewhere in my head. In the background. Subconsciously. About how technology disconnects people from “the moment”.

  • TODO, write later
  • who all
  • what I thought
  • what a lady did
  • eureka moment
  • long time brewing
  • mission now


  • To show the audience how technology makes love more beautiful and more torturous.
  • Give a guerrilla war like blow to the cancerous abuse of digital era conversations.
    • ^ This part of the mission is worded a little cryptically on purpose because secrecy and surprise are important to achieving it.

Product = smartphone app

  • TODO, write later
  • reveal a few things
  • only a few :)

Process = like filmmaking

  • TODO, write later
  • share what you got so far
  • next steps

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