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Hi, I am Sumeet.

I want to live until I am 90 years old, travel far and wide, love a little, learn from every person I meet, and give back by working for simple and audacious purposes.

I have many identities — of language(s), religion, caste, sub-caste, gender, nationality, domicile, profession, age, species, politics, relationships, what not — and I like to indulge in them all, because doing so keeps satisfying my infinite yearnings, big or small, and prevents them from exploding.

I am a software engineer by profession and in my free time I try to learn filmmaking.

I hope to save up enough money and make actual films someday. Or just f**k safety, risk it all, and make films anyway.

If you would like to say Hi please do email me at simple and audacious at gmail dot com, no spaces :-)

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