Sumeet Pareek

An open mind. A romantic heart. And some simple and audacious surprises!


Simple and Audacious

Hi, I am Sumeet [1]. I want to live a simple and audacious life. And I want to work for simple and audacious purposes. Coming back to these two sentences helps me - every time - with everything.

I invite you to adopt them too [2].

Writing and Filmmaking

I am trying to write, and make films, because I feel the most alive when surrounded by artists, engaged in the process of creation. I often say, if there ever was a nobel prize for the greatest audience, that it would go to me.

Yet writing and filmmaking aren’t things I am skilled in at all, so if you can help me learn them, I would gladly give you half my wealth!

I also believe in shaking money [3] over making money, so do take my give-wealth-away offer with a pinch of salt.

Engineer at Acquia

I currently work as an engineer with Acquia. My job here is to manage large and complex cloud infrastructure. The team I work with is pretty amazing, and we have a fun and healthy culture.

I also take one of Acquia’s DNA [4], inspire a little crazy, quite seriously.

Distilled Identity

Over the years I have distilled my understanding of self down to three sentences. I now describes myself as “An open mind. A romantic heart. And some simple and audacious surprises!”.

Those things have kind of remained a constant with me through an otherwise wild mix of life phases. All lives have their ups and downs. Identifying with that description helps me keeps things fun during the ups, and keep things going during the downs.

Get in Touch

If you would like to work together - or if you just want to say “Hi” - feel free to contact me at sumeetpareek16 at gmail dot com.


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